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Episode 15: Shedding Light into the Darkness: A Sex Trafficking Survivor's Story, with Vanessa Jade

Sunday May 17, 2020

Vanessa Jade is a survivor of systemic child sex trafficking and ritual abuse within an elite network of paedophiles including well-known figures. She survived these experiences mainly due to a very strong connection to the spiritual realms starting in early childhood through several near-death experiences. Her healing journey has spanned many years, many mentors, and a lot of powerful and deep transformational inner work and alchemy!

Today she is an initiated Priestess and Transformational Coach, supporting women on their healing journeys. Her work focuses on supporting women to reclaim sacred sovereignty over their bodies and their lives, by deep transformational healing of past trauma and connecting deeply into their divine feminine essence.

She is currently writing a memoir of her journey to forgiveness.

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