Episode 14: For It Is Written... with Lalita Karoli

Monday May 11, 2020

Lalita is a Galactic Shameness Astrologer like no other. She has utterly dive-bombed into my life and brought a light, like no other!

On May 13th Venus, we shall enter the Venus retrograde at Alnilam. As Innana, the Queen of Heaven will Station for her retrograde descent at the Star Alnilam. This Star the White fire of Transmutation... will guide Innana’s journey to the underworld to meet the Dark Sister, Erishkigal who is crying the Funeral Lament.

I think that translates as... 'It's only going to get worse, much worse, and much more honest, much more broken.'

You might think I'm mystical and fully animated - we all need to check out Lalita - for this one is Next Level!

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