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Episode 11 with Vanessa Alfaro - Sacred Rage, Holy Hellfire and Embracing the Rageful Warrior

Tuesday March 24, 2020

Join me with Vanessa Alfaro: The Empowered Communicator on another episode of the Messages for Humanity Vodcast.

Did anyone teach you how to be with anger in a healthy and creative way? Did anyone show you how to move angry/rageful energy from your body? Did anyone tell you that anger is a powerful, necessary, and creative force?

The Empowered Communicator, Coach and Mediator, Vanessa Alfaro's mission is to coach women on how to have effective and courageous conversations in their lives. She also helps women transform anger from destructive patterns of expression to healthy and creative ones so that they unapologetically step into their greatness and powerfully speak their truth. And, she's an expert in resolving conflict. The purpose of these dialogues is to bring together the clearest and most genuine way-showers of our time to hear and heed their message. Their words and the spirit in which they deliver them could lead us toward a trail of breadcrumbs that inevitably guides our way home.

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